About Us

Testa and Tesmar is a well-established company in Malta since 1967, Run by family members, and this company ensures the best quality for its esteemed clients.

Back in 1967 Mr. Mario Testa, opened the first photographic studio… He opened his studios in G’Mangia. From here he uses to print all the wedding photos with great care. .. Past the years he changed from black and white to color printing (manual photo printing).

Throw these year’s he went abroad to be trained on the cine movie, in fact Mario was the first company that use to take movies during weddings and it was in a silent movie filming, as the time passed he worked on the sound system .During this period Testa went through several changes adopting it’s equipment to obtain always the highest quality. In fact Testa, were the first wedding videographers filming and editing since 1981, always with the latest technology to obtain the best quality. In the same year he opened the shop in Hamrun.

In 1985 he went to England again where he studied in laboratory color printing, back in Malta he opened his color photo laboratory in Mosta.

Years passed and he trained well his son Mark. In 1986 Mark started to work with great experience in weddings filming, editing and photography. He moved to a bigger studio in St Venera so he can obtain more new technologies.

As soon as he moved mark started working on new era of HD quality, with high definition equipment. During the past years we trained our staff so we can give the best service for our clients.

Today’s best link between us and the clients our web-site and our shop in Hamrun.

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